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Hungry to do justice to every story

Fuelled by a strong urge to build a renowned animation studio, three individuals started Phoebus. It all started modestly but soon spiralled into a roller coaster adventure. After 15 years of stirring the imagination, tossing up characters, churning frames they’ve brewed an animation portfolio that would amaze any animation master. Originality rules the roost at Phoebus and clichéd ideas are taken care by the ever dependable Wall E. But unlike Wall E, Phoebus’ workstation is not set in a giant starliner, but right here on earth in Pune (India). We’ve weaved frames and stitched partnerships. Phoebus is all set for its next assignment. Let’s begin!


Our services

No great animation endeavour has been possible without the collaboration of creators at every stage. Our team at Phoebus is like a well-oiled machine taking care of everything from script to screen.

concept development
post production

Our Approach

With a firm grasp of 2D animation, Phoebus is adept at executing end-to-end projects and offers attractive tailor-made (a la carte) solutions at any stage in the script to screen cycle.

Meet Our Team

The many employees and departments at Phoebus will give you an idea about it being a full-fledged animation studio. Our animation studio setup is ably supported by a character department, a location department and a VFX team. At Phoebus, every department is mentored and headed by seniors who are industry veterans. Our studio grooms students from reputed colleges helping them learn the ropes of animation.

RAHUL BAKSHI – Co-Founder and Director of Phoebus, Rahul owns a secret recipe to manage existing and new businesses. Even his engineering degree couldn’t prevail over his fascination for Tin Tin and Popeye.

Supriya Thakore – Co-founder of Phoebus, Supriya is armed with a degree in Mass Communication. Much like a conductor, she ensures the perfect symphony of processes and outputs.

Bhavik Thakore – Co-Founder and Creative Head at Phoebus, Bhavik is the captain who steers the currents of creative challenges and keeps the ship at full throttle.

Get in touch!

Let’s collaborate to tell stories through animation.

4 th floor, Ghule Square,
Near Suryadatta Institute,
Bavdhan (khurd)
Pune 411021.



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